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November 10, 2012

What are Emu Australia & Emu Boots

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Who are Emu Australia are & Where Emu Australia Came From


The Emu Australia Story

EMU history is rich, their products iconic. Emu Australia believe in their brand, EMU premium products and the amazing things that their people do. From the sheep’s back to you, this is the story of what makes them iconically EMU.



From The Heart

EMU With Love

EMU is a proud Australian born, Australian based and Australian owned brand that has passionately produced the world’s finest premium sheepskin and Merino wool products for over 15 years.
EMU’s headquarters are in Geelong, the heart of the world’s finest quality wool growing district. This is where they have been making our boots since the beginning. EMU Australia products are designed on Victoria’s Surf Coast, where EMU designers are inspired by the unique natural environment that surrounds them.

Emu Australia Factory

All In The Name

Why They Are Called EMU

The name: EMU, pronounced ‘eem-you’
(Not eem-moo!) is Australia’s national bird.
We believe the choice of EMU Australia as our brand name reflects our core values:

  • The ability to move forward at a fast speed
  • To stand tall and proud
  • Resilience
  • Resourcefulness
  • Like the Kangaroo, the emu is a national symbol and is proudly included on our Australian Coat of Arms.
  • EMU and sheepskin boots are synonymous with Australia

Emu Australia Name

A Family Affair

EMU Australia’s Heritage

EMU Australia was born in Geelong in the heart of Australia’s prime wool growing district which is just minutes from the world-renowned Bells Beach, on the Great Ocean Road. It was here in the 1970′s that local Australian surfers invented the ‘original ugly sheepskin boot’.
The EMU Australia brand emerged out of the Jackson’s tannery which was one of Australia’s largest sheepskin tanneries. Established in 1948, the family owned business employed many workers from the Geelong area, who continue to work on the same site for the EMU brand today. These employees bring with them a wealth of knowledge they have acquired from the beginning, when sheepskin boots were first crafted in this very area.
Old Emu Australia

Wool In Australia

And The Australian Sheepskin Boot

Australia’s love affair with wool stretches back to the arrival of sheep, with the First Fleet in 1788. The wool industry has dominated our economy, our agriculatural practices, our collective imagination and our global reputation as a quality wool growing nation. Australian wool is considered the most premium wool in the world.


From Australia With Love

Emu Australia On GLobal Stage

Founded in 1994, EMU is authentically Australian. Our products and marketing proudly promote our true heritage and distinctive lifestyle. Real sheepskin, real wool, real quality.
EMU has grown from grass roots beginnings. Our collections are now sold in 67 countries, through more than 10,000 retail doors to countless EMU lovers.
EMU’s historic head office is located in Geelong, Australia. Our own backyard is the heartland of Australia’s prime sheep and wool grazing region and it is the gateway to the famous Great Ocean Road on Victoria’s wild Surf Coast.
Our global sales team, which includes many Australians living internationally, is truly global. Our collections are showcased in stunning showrooms in San Clemente (USA), Hamburg (Germany), London (UK) and Geelong (Aust).
EMU with Love

Wool & The Environment

Natural, Biodegradable, Of the Earth

Quality starts with the finest raw materials. Being located in Australia’s premier wool growing area gives us access to the best raw materials available.
EMU buyers are constantly on the road checking the quality of natural raw materials used in the construction of our products. The lush pastures of our region ensure superior sheepskin and wool quality. Such premium materials extend the longevity of EMU products and lessen the our environmental footprint.
Even more reasons to love EMU Australia!
Emu environment

From Sheep’s Back to Clothing Rack

EMU Australia Apparel

EMU Australia understands the limitless potential of sheepskin and Merino wool.
Our apparel collection expresses that potential to the rest of the world. Our collection will become a part of your lifestyle. Every element is functional, stylish and enduring.
EMU Australia premium merino wool and sheepskin performs like no other material. The superfine fibre of sheepskin is amazingly soft with incredible natural elasticity, allowing the fabric to effortlessly follow the body’s form.
Sheepskin is also one of the warmest natural fibres in the world and helps to regulate your core body temperature.
EMU Australia Apparel

The Difference is EMU

Features & benefits

EMU has invested heavily in innovation and design to create the world’s best sheepskin footwear styles.
EMU pursues product perfection – the best naturally Australian sheepskin and wool collections are achieved through quality, innovation and design that consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.
1. Water Resistant Sheepskin
2. Super soft Australian sheepskin, is thicker and provides your boot with more structure
3. Better fit and support. Moulded heel cup.
4. Anataomically correct sheepskin lined insole. It’s like you’re walking on a cloud.
5. Hard wearing and comfortable tough rubber outsole, with a soft EVA inset.
EMU Water Resistant Boots

Putting You At The Heart

EMU Collections

At EMU Australia we ensure our collections are always focused on you.
Our products are designed on the Victorian Surf Coast, inspired by our natural environment, to develop our colour palletes and styles that reflect the life we love to live and the premium quality you deserve. We take the extra time in design and materials sourcing to ensure we create quality that lasts. We champion “slow fashion” – a more contemplative design approach with clean lines, natural materials and quality styling.
EMU Collections

Woolmark Accreditation

Internationally Recognised

The Woolmark brand provides consumers with guaranteed fibre content and an assurance of quality.
EMU Australia garments and selected footwear styles carry the Woolmark symbol as assurance that our products are made of pure Australian wool. Woolmark is owned by the Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI), the world’s leading wool textile organisation.
AWI operates a global licensing program to ensure that any product bearing the Woolmark logo meets strict wool quality and performance criteria guidelines. In 1964, the “Woolmark” Logo was first registered as a certification mark with the aim of clearly identifying quality pure new wool products for consumers. The Woolmark logo is the most recognised symbol in this area and represents the worlds largest fibre quality assurance scheme.
EMU is proud to be a partner with Woolmark in promoting the Australian National Campaign for Wool. Woolmark and EMU Australia, working together to ensure the bright future of Australian wool.

5 Reasons To Love EMU

We give you 5 reasons why we love EMU Boots

EMU Benefits

Where to Buy EMU Australia Boots?

You can purchase Genuine EMU Australia Boots From Our web store

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