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July 11, 2012

Supra Shoes Presents The Moon Pack

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Supra Shoes Inspired By Stars

Supra Shoes offers two styles in the Moon pack, a Skytop Lite and a Vaider Lite, have both been outfitted with ultra-lightweight SUPRAFOAM soles and black traction pods. The striated sidewall design—white on the Skytop Lite, red on the Vaider Lite—is designed to reduce weight, evenly distribute impact, and discourage compression wrinkles. Both Supra shoes are cloaked in our durable, deep black Raptor TUF and have padded black mesh lining. The Skytop Lite has white accents, the Vaider Lite has red accents. Supra reaches for the stars with a slimmed-down Skytop and Vaider, arriving under the Moon Pack label. Built with either red or white ultra-lightweight SUPRAFOAM soles, each with black traction panels that providing superior impact absorption without any of the bulk. Durable Raptor TUF uppers with striated sidewalls cover both pairs in black with matching padded mesh lining in place to finish off the look. Skytop Lite and red on the Vaider Lite — is designed to reduce weight, evenly distribute impact and discourage compression wrinkles. Utilizing equally similar accenting options, each are wrapped in durable, deep black Raptor TUF and have padded black mesh lining. Supra Shoes at Brands501 Designer Fashion Store.







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